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Google Local Pack

Have you noticed area with a map when you searching for some services? That’s called Google Local Pack. Google show localized results for your search query. There are only 3 results shown, so it’s quite competitive. As an example we have results for search query “cpa los angeles”.

I bet you want your business to show up in those 3 results, don’t you?

We can help you optimize your business location to improve rankings in Google local search.

What is local citations?

One of the key ranking factors is the amount of local citations. There are many websites that list local businesses like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, etc. The most common information they display is business name, address and a phone number, also known as NAP. Of course there’re other optional information you can provide like website url, business hours, photos, description.
Please note that amount is not the only factor, your business’ NAP must be consistent! In case the information has inconsistency, it may hurt your rankings.

Are reviews important?

As you can see on the local pack image businesses have average rating featured. This will be available for business with 3 reviews and more. Amount of review and average rating is considered as another factor in ranking in google local search.
Also customers most likely will chose business with higher ranking. We have awesome service to increase number of reviews and overall rating.

Optimize images!

This is not the key factor, but something you want to take advantage of. Most businesses don’t use geo-meta tags for their pictures, but you should. Google recognize geo tags on the images and apparently use it in the ranking process.

Everything should be natural and organic!

Important concept to understand is that everything takes time. You can’t hit Google #1 tomorrow or in couple days. Optimization process takes time and involves many factors, whereas local SEO is one of the them. Everything is connected. Improve your local SEO to improve your overall search engine optimization and otherwise. Oh and don’t forget to get more online reviews, since it’s not only help ranking higher but also attract more customers.

Key things to do for local SEO

Citation Audit

Search for existing local citations. Check NAP consistency and fix if required.

Build New Citations

Increase the amount of the directories that has your business NAP information. Pay attention to your niche related listing – those are super valuable.

Get Media Citations

Share images and videos on the most popular websites. Use geo-meta tag for more value.

Social Media

Create business social media profiles. Most of them include NAP information and the link to your website.

We’ve got you covered!

EZ Web Support provides service that will do everything described above for your business.

We have a set of magic tools that will do everything above and even more. So let me explain in details how it works:

1 – We search for existing local citations

2 – Detection of NAP errors

3 – Competitor research for more citation options

4 – Creating new citations/fixing existing

5 – Creating media citations

6 – Adding social media profiles (if applicable)

Our Pricing and Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the results permanent?

Absolutely! Unlike other service, that require continuous subscription, we manually create your local citations and provide with a full report including access credentials.

Do I need to provide you media content?

We need to get images from you.

We can create video for you.

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