Best Software for Online Reputation Management

What is Online Reputation Management?

  • Do you know where customers leaving reviews of your business?
  • Do you keep track of new reviews?
  • Have you responded back to unhappy customer’s reviews?

If you haven’t done any of above, or if you tried something but it was hard to stay on top of things – guess what? We have a solution for you! And it will make the process easy and seamless for you and your customers.

Why is online reputation important?

Things people say about your business online can make your business shine, or make it look so bad that nobody would ever decide to actually use your service. That’s not what you want.

Who reads all those reviews anyway, right?

More than 90% of consumers in the United States read online reviews at least sometimes.

That doesn’t mean people trust online reviews…?

Actually people do trust online reviews. 7 out of 10 consumers trust reviews as a recommendation from friends.

What to do with all this information?

Below we gather key points to follow in order to get your online reputation covered.

Key things to do for online reputation management

Find Review Sources

Detect all websites that have your business information and where customers can leave you reviews.

Keep Track of Each Review

Know your rating and keep track of each and every review – good or bad.

Respond & Promote

Get yourself a habit to respond to each review. If a customer left bad review find out why. Share good reviews with other customers.

Ask Customers for Review

Only 6% of consumers write reviews. Engage your customers in a convenient way of leaving reviews.

Too much to handle, huh?

Have no fear!
We have a set of magic tools that will do everything above and even more. So let me explain in details how it works:

1 – You provide us with detailed information about your business

2 – We search your business among all review websites.

3 – Creating responsive widget for your website and/or email footer.

4 – Launching email campaign engaging your customers to write a review.

5 – Detecting all new reviews and notifying you.

6 – Sharing good reviews with other customers through social media.

7 – Creating scheduled detailed reports.

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